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Business builder, developer and family man based in Stavanger, Norway. I love building web sites and applications that are clean, fast and last a lifetime. Currently, I am spending most of my working hours building products at Enerbits and Skolehuset.

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This section is a microblog where I post ideas, thoughts, questions and subjects that I am wondering about right now. The format should be considered as quick drafts, like “Get this on paper now!” or function as my public paper trail. Expect typos and edits as we go.

2023-08 - Science, physics and high temperature

The Oppenheimer movie sparked a great joy and revisit to the world of physics. I love a lot of that stuff when I can study it on my own terms. I believe it was a deep dive into Richard Feynman’s work that started it. In addition, I also did a lot of wok practice in the kitchen. Velveting beef, frying correctly and learning some new techniques. I feel these things will stick with me for the rest of my life.

2023-07-01 - Heavy workflow improvements

Introduced by the video capture tool Loom…

2023-03 - GTP. It’s all about the GPT

I’ve used ChatGPT a couple of times during work, and I am absolutely shocked by the value it provides. I think it’s the biggest leap in tech I’ve seen for years. Let’s see if it sticks or can go even further.

2023-02 - Only a few things left of the Hugo-rewrite

OG:image for twitter and facebook… Now commpleted!

2023-02 - Image compression with Hugo

Finally got it working! Even inside markdown files 👍

2023-02 - Hugo Static Site Generator

I just started using the Hugo web-framework built on Golang. Seems like a powerful tool. It’s maturity, build performance, great community and most importantly, it solves some of the challenges I’ve been experiencing with the other SSG’s I’ve been using in the past…

2022 - Stoic philosophy

Stoic philosophy. Aurelius, Epictitus, Seneca, Ryan Holiday.

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