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Business builder, developer and family man based in Stavanger, Norway. I love building web sites and applications that are clean, fast and last a lifetime. Currently, I am spending most of my working hours building products at Enerbits and Skolehuset.

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How to import data a Postgres DB with from a backup file


Linux part II - Ubuntu is no longer my main desktop operating system


Linux part I: Ubuntu is now my main desktop operating system


How to make RubyMine exclude node_modules from indexing and search

Web development

Best of 2021 - Mixed categories

Annual best of

Sticky responsive footer, the Bootstrap 4 way

Web development

Clean up, organize and backup photos from multiple folders in Windows


Best of 2020 - Mixed categories

Annual best of

A note on hiring


The power session: A productivity setup


Should you split the static content and your app-logic into two different entities?

Web development Entrepreneurship

Two paradoxes

Investing Stock trading

A website is not complete unless it supports these features

Web development Draft

Why and how I paint studies (Wacom tablet + Photoshop)


Best of 2019 - Mixed categories

Annual best of

Create a new Postgres database for Rails and grant privileges

Ruby on Rails Postgres

Best of 2018 - Mixed categories

Annual best of

Download and read non UTF-8 files through FTP with Ruby


Best of 2017 - Mixed categories

Annual best of

What I learned from spending two weeks with Jeff Bezos

E-commerce Books

How I model Many to many associations with checkbox collection in Rails

Ruby on Rails
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