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Business builder, developer and family man based in Stavanger, Norway. I love building web sites and applications that are clean, fast and last a lifetime. Currently, I am spending most of my working hours building products at Enerbits and Skolehuset.

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Bookshelf 📕

I read something like 50/50 split between traditional books and Kindle. If this can help me better remember what I've read, and increase motivation to read more: Mission accomplished.

Currently reading:

Title:South to America

Author:Imani Perry



Status: Reading


Title:The Hard Things About Hard Things

Author:Ben Horowitz



Status: Reading

Comment:some stuff i put here also have a link.

Completed or put down:

Title:The Wise Man's Fear

Author:Patrick Rothfuss



Status: Completed

Comment:A lot to talk about for this book. An epic adventure in the vast mystic and medieval world by Patrick Rothfuss. Follow Kvothe through his years at the University, the realm of Fea, The Lethani, the hunt for Denna and much more. This book is intriguing in a way that makes it difficult to pinpoint what specifically draws you in, yet it is equally challenging to put down.

Title:The Archives




Status: Completed

Comment:All the books I've found worth reading. Coming soon.

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