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How to import data a Postgres DB with from a backup file

By Ole Ingemann Kjørmo, May 24, 2022

I use PostgresQL for most of my projects, and hence I need to swap the data, use a backup file or do other types of data migration. I’ll be writing this post while I do this operation so I can save the commands until next time.

Ended up using the following command to load the data from the .dump file

pg_restore -d mylocaldatabase-development /Users/oleingemann/Downloads/db.dump –no-privileges –no-owner

And now, let’s show some compressed image directly from the markdown. Added through Cloudcannon: ..

Another image! Let’s use the figure shortcode:

          Kaffekopp med kvernet kaffe
Her er caption. Det er lurt å kverne kaffe selv.

 Here comes antoher image: 

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