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Best of 2022 - Mixed categories

A year of widespread global uncertainty driven by war and increased polarization. Luckily, there are also advances in the tech and art space to create some breathing room. To me, this was a year filled with new integrations, new platforms, and simplifications.


The “best of” sections are often based on usage or importance rather than quality and how much I like the software. However, as they take up much of my time they deserve to be remembered for the record.


This year we moved away from my home-cocked e-commerce system for skolehuset.no. I ended up picking Shopify, the huge Ruby Rails app from Toby Lütke. Shopify is an impressive piece of software, but it’s far away from perfect. There are so many essential things missing, that I sometimes suspect they left it out on purpose so they can sell more apps on their marketplace. Pros: Easy to use, extremely stable and the interface seems well known and trusted by customers. Cons: Missing basics. It can also become expensive if you have a bit more than a handful of orders to take care of.


After using Visma eAccounting, Fiken, and 247office, I started using Tripletex due to integration support and recommendations from my accountant. It’s been a breath of fresh air in many ways, but it also comes with a caveat. This is in my opinion the best accounting software to use if you’re working together with an accountant. If you’re on your own, without professional help, this might not be the best option. Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of time in Tripletex this year, and it feels better than anything we’ve used before in terms of accounting.


After ditching the nearly fraud service Shipmondo from Denmark (more on that later), I picked Cargonizer by Logistra as my shipping partner. They’ve created a good system to book freight and print labels.

Extraordinary event

This has to be our house swap summer vacation to Montauban, France. OMG, was that a success or what? Highly recommend it, and will do it again. Go for the real experience. The genuine. Live unrestricted. Stay humble and curious. There are a lot of considerate people out there. Both to visit and to share your house with. I arranged our trip through homeexchange.com. If you have any plans of doing this let me know, so I can send you a reference link before signing up.

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