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Best of 2020 - Mixed categories

By Ole Ingemann Kjørmo, Jan 2, 2021

What a crazy year. In January, my partner Rita and I traveled to Rome for a vacation. Little did we know that Covid-19 was catching up fast and chasing our backs. Luckily, we got home one week before the spread got crazy. One year later, the virus is still active and deadly. Hopefully, the vaccines that are being rolled out now will help us bring back a normal life.

It was hard to pick the software or apps that made my computer life better this year. However, when I get time to reflect, there are always a few that deserves to be mentioned.

Software (and related)

  • Pixlr.com - Photoshop alternative for simpler workflows. Online and free (!)
  • Forestry.io - CMS for static page generators, like Jekyll. I use Forestry to edit this webpage.
  • Sublime Text 3 - Sublime is back! It’s a simple code editor that I now use for both Mac and Linux. I also believe DHH uses it.
  • Action Cable (Feature) - Action Cable is the built-in web sockets support for Ruby on Rails 6.
  • Call of Duty Warzone - First-person multiplayer shooter
  • Guild of Ambience (Youtube channel) - Well-made live backgrounds for your tv.
  • VCs Congratulating Themselves @VCBrags - Twitter account. Hillarious.


I read 8 books this year, which is way too few. Even worse, I only liked two of them enough to get mentioned here.

  • Walter Isacsson - Leonardo DaVinci
  • Robert Greene - 48 laws of power - This book is so crazy in many ways, that’s it’s a bit embarrassing to say I liked it. I’ve seen comments like ‘If I interview people who like this book, I show them the door immediately.’ That’s probably also why it should be on this list. It’s evil, dark, and full of stories from history. Read it with a grain of salt.


Tragical year for blockbusters, as almost no new films were released. Anyways, there was this masterpiece from Guy Richie:

  • The Gentlemen

Extraordinary event

In August 2020, our son Ingvald was born. He has already changed our lives forever with his laughter and presence.

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